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Hec, Le escribo para dejar constancia escrita de mi admiración y gratitud por su esmerado y cuidadoso trabajo en la restauración total de mi instrumento de la infancia, el acordeón alemán marca “Honer” de botones que adquirí con gran esfuerzo cuando era niño. Es evidente el cuidado y la precisión invertida que se extiende hasta el ámbito del arte, como todo un artesano especialista que usted es. Tanto el funcionamiento de las teclas, de las notas, la afinación, el fuelle, el exterior, los cromados, las correas de soporte, todo fue incluido en su cuidadosa y esmerada obra. No es sólo el trabajo técnico sino la belleza estética que entona perfectamente con el sonido puro legítimo y original del instrumento en sus mejores condiciones. El resultado del trabajo ha dejado al instrumento en mejores condiciones que cuando era nuevo, pues la calidad de las piezas que usted usó adquiriéndolas directamente de la fábrica y otras fuentes (ya que el modelo del instrumento es muy antigüo), es superior a las originales. Por todo esto estoy sumamente agradecido pues usted ha revivido una reliquia de mi infancia feliz que pasé en  Puerto Rico, hacia donde me dirijo precisamente al concluir este mensaje. Que la paz y sabiduría de Dios continúe a su lado y  bendiga sus manos capaces de crear tanta armonía y belleza. Muy sinceramente,
Jaime Castrejón, PhD-PresidenteSeminario Teológico Adventista Interamericano 10/02/2013
Hec, The restoration/repair that you did on my PANcordion full size professional accordion is truly amazing.  You tuned and replaced broken and/or missing reeds back to the original factory specs. Also replace valves, repair bass system and keys action. You corrected regulation and accordion body problems plus body damages that had been overlooked for many years and replaced all of the straps and back pad.  The accordion sounds amazing.  Your attention to even the smallest detail makes your workmanship outstanding.    When I picked up the instrument I almost did not recognize it.    My accordion hasn’t looked or sounded this good in many years.  The shine that you were able to apply to the accordion body was the final touch.  The work that you preformed as a labor of love involved much more than we had originally talked about, yet the price was still extremely reasonable.  I am overjoyed that I located you by finding your web site.  Your hobby, knowledge, and interest in the accordion and its history are amazing.  You are truly an expert accordion mechanic and gentleman. 
 Harry Robinson - Miami, Florida                                                                         07/15/2013 
Hec, my Julietti Professional accordion abandon for over 15 years: Looks like new again and sounds great! Your accordion restoration, tuning, service, presentation and customer service exeded all my expectations. The Aplification system you installed sounds great and there is no key noises when playing! Thanks for you help, frienship and for a great job.
                                   - Boca, Florida                                                                         07/08/2013
SEEM Professional Accordion Restoration, Tuning, Reeds and Valves Replacement, Full Musette 8 cents Tuning, Bass Repairs & Regulation, Change of Bads Reeds, Rust
Treatment, Cleaning and Buffing: Sweet, Sweet great musettes in my accordion now. It's
great! It looks like new and even better than new. God bless you, thanks for your professional work done to our accordion. (Accordion was set fully out of tune by amateur technician.)
"De Open Poort" Rev. Elbert en Corri Schouten - Curacao- D. Caribbean  02/20/2013
CantaBella 5 registros Tex- Mex - Afinacion y Reparacion mas cambio de reeds: Que padre!
Suena super y gracias por ayudarmos, tocamos manana sabado y Domingo.
(Y nos dejo un Hohner Corona para restaurar.)
Mario Garcia - Iglesia Hijos de Dios - Homested, FL                                         02/08/2013
Gabanelli Tex- Mex Afinacion. Reparacion, cambio de reeds rotos y Servicio: "ESTA NUEVO Y SUENA COMO NUEVO"!!!!!!!!! Mil gracias por la ayuda, tenemos un baile manana Sabado!
(Y nos dejo otro acordeon diatonico Reeds Gabanelli para cambio de tono.)
Acordionero Profesional SonnyVillagomez - Clewiston, FL                            02/08/2013
Thanks for been pro customer when changing me my new accordion gig bag - airplane model.
You had always keep your word, you are a friend!
George - Plantation, FL                                                                                            01/062013
While reading,I can sense the sincerity with which write.I do appreciate all you do for me and we are friends and my home is always open to you and Mirium.
Also I only wish I was a monster player as your client is,but I am not.
As my body has fooled my Doctor,i slip thu the cracks,an accordian now and then can fool you.I readly see the difference in the Citation and also have seen it the Stratadela that you refurbished.
Your workmanship is outstanding........! The maker of accordians also is human and this complicated instrument sometimes can fool him.Some people buy the same exact car---one is trouble free,the other is ALWAYS TROUBLE.
Me Amigo as I stated in other mail ,I am always looking to upgrade,but I am a very fussy client,but I will always come to you first.My appreciate is shown when I purchase equipment from you.
May tge Face of God Shine upon you forever,Su Amigo...jorge
George And Diane   - Plantation, Florida                                                              11/16/2012
Hello Hec:
I wanted to take a few moments to write you with regard to the recent restoration that you performed on my Paolo Soprani accordion.   As you know, my father purchased this accordion for me when I was about 12 years old.  I took lessons and played it for about 4 years.  I then lost interest and I stored it in a closet for about 30 years while I was living in N.Y.   When I moved to Florida in 1988 I foolishly put the accordion in the attic of my home where it remained for an additional 24 years without ever being touched.One day I decided to take a look at it and to my extreme disappointment, the accordion was in terrible condition.  The keyboard had all dried out and many of the keys were broken and the ones that were not visibly broken were so brittle that just touching them would cause them to break.   There were loose reeds that were shaking around inside the accordion and there was a hole in the bellows.  There were also other things wrong with the accordion as well.  I was broken hearted because although I had not played this instrument in at least 50 years, it still had sentimental value to me because it was a gift from my father who is now 92 years old.  I was seriously thinking of throwing the accordion in the garbage because it seemed to be damaged beyond repair.  I came across your website and I contacted you.  You asked me to bring the accordion to you which I did but quite honestly, I was fully prepared to have you tell me that there was no hope of repairing my accordion.I was amazed when you told me that you could completely repair and restore it as well as tuning it up.  I must admit that I was skeptical but I felt that I had nothing to lose.  I was also very impressed by your passion for the accordion and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing stories from you about your love of the instrument and how your “hobby” of restoring accordions is something that brings you joy.  I decided to leave my accordion in your hands. When you contacted me this past week to notify me that you had restored my accordion, I became very excited.  When I got to your place and you showed me my accordion, I was completely stunned.   My accordion looked even better than it did the day my father gave it to me so many years ago.  Although I have forgotten almost everything I ever learned with regard to playing the accordion, you played several songs for me on it and it sounded absolutely fantastic.As you know, my original plan was to sell the accordion if you fixed it but after seeing the job you did and hearing how wonderful it sounds, I think I am going to keep it for myself and hopefully, I can relearn enough to play a song for my father.  I know it would mean the world to him.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who is in a similar situation and wants to have an accordion lovingly restored.
Jerry Renda - Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                           Octuber 31, 2012
Hello Hector:

A pleasure to meet you. And thanks for a splendid job of refurbishing and repairing my old Galante. Obviously, this work is more of a passion for you. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and your accordion playing. My level of play is obviously not at yours, but I do expect to raise it a notch.
I'm sorry that you did not get a chance to meet Melvin's sister Loida, who was to go with me and was unexpectedly required back in NC on Sunday prior to our visit. I believe we'll be back in Florida in late NOv or early Dec at which time I hope we can catch up with you for an outing. All the best and thanks again.
Stewart Robinson - North Carolina, USA                                                            October, 2012

Estimado Hect j Byron, quisiera darte las gracias por asesorar al padre de mi hija , quien fue a buscar el acordeón.... El acordeón es precioso y mi hija quedo maravillada y le acomoda a la perfección... muchas gracias por tu atención.....Gracias ..atte    
Mónica Apablaza. - Chile, South America                                                            October, 2012

"HEC, I have told you many times that you are a man of your word.This you have proved many times.The Accordiana that I purchased  was very comfortable.The keyboard was fast as was the bass.You told at the time that this accordian just came in and you did not really inspect it for sale.I insisted and you told me to pick any set of straps,and breast plate while you put diamonds in the bass and prepared to put the breast plate on.My friend was in a hurry and I wanted to beat traffic going home.You were completely honest and I sensed that you were a "Man of your word " upon our first meeting. AS time went on I continually found problems with the instrument,which you not only repaired but restored the instrument.An excuse was never an option for you.
You even phoned Aldo Menichinni for advice,by this time I was no longer in love wish the Accordiana.
Being a man of your word,you brought me a 20 year  newer Excelsiola with  factory pick ups and I purchased from you a Suzuki 60 watt amp that was $125 to $200 less expensive than All Country Music,You also purchased a NEW Amp P/U Chord.  I am a "Happy Camper"  Thanks to your expertise on restoring  and not charging me for all the extra (factory installed pick ups 60% off on 3'cushion straps) and the 70/100 hours of restoring the Accordiana and not charging me for the even swap for the Excelsiola.The best part of this story is a new friendship has grown between us & and our wives.We are looking forward to spending an evening of musical entertainment with your wife and you. 
If I purchase a used or a new accordian---it will be only through you.Gracious,su amigos ... Te VEO par su Famiglia!"
George/Diana Sorrentino, Silver Lakes, Florida USA                              August 05, 2011
(Mr. George Sorrentino is a active Member of The Mummers Band of South Florida of witch as up to date WE  had the honor to repaired and/or tuned 4 of their 6 accordions in last 3 moths.)
“The level of service at Accordions, Accordions & Acordeones is fantastic. Having been a customer for last years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism, knowlage of accordion history, workmanship quality demonstrated during the change of tuning done to my accordion. Thank you!”
P Jacobs, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Accordions, Accordions & Acordeones was recommended to me by a fellow accordion player, and now I know why – the quality of service I received in my accordion grand father accordion  plus its restoration was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
A Brizuelas, Caracas, Venezuela
"We’re writing to you to thank you for the wonderful work that you did restoring our two accordions.  They received significant water damage after Hurricane Wilma and then sat in storage for almost five years.  To tell the truth, we thought they were not salvageable. 
When we heard about your repair and restoration work, we decided to see if the accordions were worth repairing.  The result was beyond our hopes.  Both instruments play better than they did when we bought them.  Indeed, they look and sound like brand new accordions. 
We have your business card; should we ever meet anyone who needs work on an accordion, we will recommend you without hesitation.  Thank you once again for the excellent restoration."
 Larry and Miriam Hribar, Florida Keys, USA
"Hi Hec, just wanted to let you know I received the accordion, it sounds great!"
A Lyndmen, Pennsylvania, USA