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Antique Diatonic Accordion
This Page is dedicated with all our heart to you and all the accordion friends around the word plus to the players that promotes the accordion heritage and music. 

Here you will see some accordions models that were used by Accordions Virtuosos in the past documented with pictures and/or any other sources of information. Virtuosos players like Pietro Deiro, Charles Magnate and others with their accordions that made "The Golden Era of the Accordion", from 1930 to 1960's.
We include just a few of the models in our collection, unique Accordion models that: Changed their generations plus accordion building us as up to date and that were the top and/or were used to play by Virtuosos during the King of All Acoustic Musical Instruments for Centuries.  Is is not a secret that we are a Excelsior accordion collector among many others good manufactures for Italy and Germany as Hohner. Scandalli, Petosa, Titano, Giulietty and many other!
Antique Excelsior Accordion Co. addMany Accordions Models in this section are  professional accordion models  and many of them  were made in the United States of America by the top of the top Italian Accordions Luthiers with the best of the best selected materials imported from Italy. 

Most of this models made in USA were conceder Artist Models and the best in their era. Also the best models of accordion ever made by a brand. 
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Excelsior Grand Symphony Accordion of our CollectionSonola add Bob CreashCharles Magnate with his Excelsior Grand Symphony AccordionHohner Emperator Accordian
custom pro especial hm reeds titano  model - cosmopolitan - tone chamber
Charles Magnate  at Carnegie Hall 1st ever Accordion Concert 1939
Guido Deiro built this Model of Accordion for his brother Pietro Deiro. In Our Collection.Dedication of Guido Deiro to his brother Pietro of the AccordionAntique Pietro Deiro Excelsior add of Carnegi Hall Accordion Model Concert MultigrandChales Magnate Carnegie Hall  Accordion Model used: Excelsior Concert MultigrandAntique Excelsior Concert Multigrand of our CollectionAntique Diatonic AccordionCajun accordion melodon 10 buttonsSonola Accordion Mel BrantScandalli Super VI AccordionPetosa 1100 AccordionGiulietti Dooble Chamber AccordionSonola Earny Felice Electric