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Dear Accordionists:    
To protect your accordion it is important that you understand that all accordions are a very, very complicated musical instrument. They had hundreds of parts and "most parts when fixed, replaced or mount needs some type of adjustment plus must likely request some tuning too" in order that the instrument plays in tune and clear. Sadly, if you play to  be  "accordion repairman" even when someone is giving "instructions by phone for free" and/or charging for advice to your credit card per hour: It is proved that probabilities are  that 90% of times you will damage more your accordion lost your money and then it will required to be send to the shop to fix what was wrong before, what you has damaged,taken out of tune and/or take out of adjustment for not having the all the required skills. Phone advising will/can cost you more because it is made to charge by time. The free minutes is just the bait and once your are hock: You have to pay plus there is no warranty! Remember: "you own hands will always be the ones that damaged your accordion not the phone advice"). NEVER! NEVER work in your accordion! If you do it, 90% of the times you will pay big, big time for it!  Always use a well known accordion shop of your choice. We want to save your accordion and your investment. At end, life showed: You get what you paid for!
We we tune, repair, restore or service any type of vintage, student, lady's, men, intermediate and/or professional full sizes quality acoustic accordion, accordions, based at Miami, Florida, USA.
You could ship us your acoustic accordion or it' reed blocks to Miami, Florida for tuning or service by contacting us before.
Afinacion, Conversiones, Eliminar Bajos y Sellado, Reparacion, Cambio de Tono y Servico a Acordeon Tipico, Vallenato y Tex Mex.
At our shop: All our quality acoustic Accordion Service Estimates are: "FREE OF ANY CHARGE" and all our quality Accordion Services have Warranty in Labor and in all Parts replaced by us! We repair Acordeaos.
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