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Florida Accordion Events & FAA SMASH and some of our Accordion Friends Photos
Our friends and Professional Accordionists Nick Billarini and Paul Betken at FAA Smash 2012
Friends and FAA Members Jamming at Hotel Night Club. 
Our Firend and Professional Concertist Michael Jude Ward-Bergeman at FAA Smash 2012
Invited Concertists and friends jamming at FAA Smash 2012 at Hotel Ninght Club 
Friend and Cuban Accordion Professional Player Raul Diaz was also present at FAA Smash 2012, 2011 and 2010! 
FAA Members of all sex and ages joing jamming at Hotel Night Club 
Virtuosos Profesional Accordion Players jamming together at a FAA Smash. 0300 hours!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>!!!!! FUN 
Professional Accordion Concertist and friend Nick Billarini at FAA Smash 2012 

Living Accordion Virtuoso and Legend  Tony Lovello and Hec at FAA Smash 2012Our good friend and Master Luthier of Excelsior NY Accordion Co. plus founder of Bell Accordion and owner Aldo Merchatinni at FAA Smash 2010Invited Professional Concertist to FAA Smash 2010Friend and Professional Concertinst Bruce Gassman performing at FAA Smash 2010Friend and FAA Member Dale Jamming at FAA 2011 with one of our Accordions a Excelsior Grand Shymphony of 1945

Living Accordion Legend and friend Tony Lovello performing at FAA Smash 2010. 
FAA Smash Featuring Accordion Performers Jamming in 2010.