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185nd Years Birthday of the Accordion
If you are an accordion player, teacher or fan you may not be aware of this important date and/or event in the accordion history:
Past 23rd May of 2015 (in accord to historians) was the 185th anniversary of the accordion (as we know it), which was invented by an Armenian living in Austria, even if it is sometimes known as the English Concertina.
The basic form of the Accordion is believed to have been invented in 1822 in Berlin by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann. But an instrument called accordion was first patented in 1829 by Cyrill Demian who was Armenian. The piano accordion was played in German speaking regions, then all over Europe. Some early portable Instrument with piano keys had been invented in 1821, but it started to actually be played much later, and built its "King of all Portable Acoustic Instruments" reputation from there.
I this era of time in Vienna, mouth harmonicas with Kanzellen (chambers) had already been available for many years, along with bigger instruments driven by hand bellows. The diatonic key arrangement was also already in use on mouth-blown instruments.
Demian's patent thus covered an accompanying instrument: an accordion played with the left hand, opposite to the way that contemporary chromatic hand harmonicas were played, small and light enough for travelers to take with them and used to accompany singing.
The patent also described instruments with both bass and treble sections, although Demian preferred the bass-only instrument owing to its cost and weight advantages.